Build Career to Build Organizations

21wayout is the frontiersman of organized employment services in Kolkata as well as West Bengal. Over many years, we have performed as favoured flair achievement partner to several multinationals and foremost Indian businesses to appear as the chief recruitment trademark nationally. Along with it, we as reliable consultants for our Indian professionals represents our main motto – Build your career to build organizations.

21wayout’s extraction in administration consulting allows us to convey an exceptional stratagem to employment at the senior and medium management levels.

We take on across a variety of industry sectors for cosmopolitan corporations and important Indian business establishments and have assisted to build the careers of more than 0.1million professionals for more than 10 years.

Our main branch is established at Jadavpur, a very popular place in Kolkata. We provide service across Kolkata and all over India. We have a huge number of consultants who has enormous work experience with different top class Indian business houses and multinational companies. They work and operate according to their work-domain elucidation across different industry practices.

21wayout is pompous of its lengthy standing relationships in recruiting industry and the truth is that three-fourths of our commerce are in the shape of reiterating business from our existing clients is evidence to the excellent work we have done.